IdeasTap / Mother Twitter Brief


In April 2013, I decided to enter the IdeasTap & Mother Twitter Personality Brief. It was the following: “come up with a concept for a Twitter feed and start it from scratch. The profile with the most followers and the best content in 10 weeks’ time wins.” [1]. I had my own account but wanted to find out what it was like to actually aim to increase my followers. I used analysis tools such as bitly and Hootsuite to help me manage the new account.  I am an avid tea lover and had decided that my twitter personality would be based on a person who likes to dunk biscuits in their tea!

Twitter Personality

I gained over 900 followers within 2 months which taught me various fundamental skills in digital marketing such as creating interesting & engaging content for my followers and also developing a relationship with them, ensuring that I was communicative and created share-able content. This brief was so insightful that it aided me in obtaining a Digital Marketing Internship with Cafédirect; a fair trade coffee company based in London, for three months.

This internship has continued and I now work part time for them remotely from University.




This was another IdeasTap / Mother Brief I found myself entering in, around the same time as my exam period. This time it was to “upload an idea to Kickstarter and the person with the best idea and most funding not only wins the brief, but they also have a business in the making…” [1]. I liked the idea of designing and marketing my own product, but I wasn’t in the position to actually obtain successful funding so I made my goal really high! It was really fun to do and I actually wrote one of my module’s coursework on it which was helpful. I ended up getting a 1st in that module: New Product Development, which I was really pleased about.

Please have a look at the video I amateurly produced and the Kickstarter page I developed:

The illustrations were done by my very talented friend @ChrisGilleard.


Marketing campaign – Bloggers’ Review

Cafédirect wanted to get the word out about their tea and get consumers aware of what it means when they buy fair trade tea. they had created a ‘pledge’ site and an info-graphic but it still wasn’t getting enough coverage as they wanted.
I took on the challenge to find a creative method of communicating about the their tea without being too direct. My idea came from using Twitter previously for one of the IdeasTap/Mother briefs, which was all about tea. I had a few followers who were tea bloggers and they had their own following of tea drinkers: the perfect target market.

I researched and contacted various tea bloggers to ask them if they would review our tea against a ‘mystery’branded tea. I also asked them to educate their readers on how Cafédirect fair trade tea differs from other top branded tea. Here are examples of some of the bloggers I got involved with on the campaign. Included is also the infographic which I asked them to communicate, linking to the pledge website;

Drink Better Tea Infographic

Drink Better Tea Infographic

There was an increase in traffic to the pledge site and also on Twitter.With the hashtag #DrinkBetterTea, it was easy to track consumers who had pedged and then tweeted about the facts they had learnt.


Teapot painted but not fired in kiln


Teapot fired in the kiln









For the past week,  I have been introduced to ceramic painting. I chose a teapot to paint because I drink a lot of tea and I thought it would be an interesting shape to paint. It took me a lot longer than I thought to complete but worth the effort. It’s therapeutic to me and a lovely break to thinking.

Now that it is finished, I’ve realised I will just have to make a matching milk jug and mugs………